Pesto Diavolo

13.8 oz

Pesto Diavolo Sauce 13.8oz

No preservatives or artificial ingredients

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Chef Arnone Pesto Diavolo Sauce

Garden Fresh
Pesto Diavolo Sauce

 All natural Pesto Diavolo sauce

Adds spicy bold flavor to your favorite foods! This traditional Italian spicy sauce called Pesto Diavolo was created by Certified Master Chef Ken Arnone and is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite foods.

Pesto Diavolo provides a unique balance of tomatoes, spicy peppers, garlic, herbs and spices - it will enhance the flavor of eggs, sandwiches, pasta sauce, marinades, grilled foods, chicken wings, fries and chips.

Add a spoonful to your favorite dishes. Use hot or cold.

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