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Our goal as a gourmet Italian grocery store online is to select the very finest of imported Italian food products for the College meal plans, the Gourmet Gift Baskets and the Corporate gifts Market, all at very reasonable prices. 

The gourmet Italian food products were chosen because of their superb taste coupled with excellent quality and nutritional value.

We are particularly attentive to the needs of college students, especially those vulnerable to poor diets, so we developed the
line of selections.
  Large variety of pasta cuts imported from Italy  
  Pasta from Italy  
  Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oils  
Extra-Virgin Olive Oils from Italy
Antipasti Marinated Grilled Vegetables
Imported Antipasti: Grilled marinated Cipollini, Peppers, Zucchini, Artichokes


Quick and Easy Recipes

For most freshman on campus, the college dorm kitchen is where their first serious cooking experience will take place; we will help to make it a pleasant one with our
Quick-N-Easy dorm recipes, no shopping list, and no cooking experience is necessary.  

Easy grocery shopping for college students

The CollegePak features four individual combinations of products conceived to provide the basics to prepare very affordable simple, delicious and healthy meals, whether you are a campus resident with access to a dorm kitchen or you live in an off-campus fully furnished apartment. 

After being “student tested", a
CollegePak™ of choice can be shipped regularly according to a schedule that will meet your tastes and budget.   You have need for a gift that is a cut above the rest? Gourmet Food Express is your solution for the best and healthiest Gourmet Gift Baskets on the market.
This CollegePak is great for college students who love Italian food
The CollegePak has all the basic Italian food and ingredients needed to stock your pantry.


Italian gourmet gift baskets

Unlike other Gift Basket providers who are quite vague on the full description and content of their baskets, Gourmet Food Express provides you, for each item in the basket, a pop-up window detailing exactly what you’ll be getting for your money.

Our policy, based on total transparency and trust, guarantees a long lasting and successful relationship with our Customers.
  You are welcome to peruse our website and choose the perfect Gift Basket for a special occasion or the most appropriate CollegePak for your beloved college student away from home.

Gift baskets for college students, corporations and all occasions
Large selection of Gourmet
Italian Gift Baskets

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