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For most college students on campus, college is where their first serious grocery shopping and cooking experience will take place; we will help to make it a pleasant one with our CollegePaks and our Quick & Easy Recipes.

The CollegePak features four individual combinations of products conceived to provide the basics to prepare very affordable simple, delicious and healthy meals, whether you are a campus resident with access to a dorm kitchen or you live in an off-campus fully furnished apartment. 

If you would prefer a CollegePak that allows you to customize according to your own shopping list, click here

Our CollegePakTM line consists of 4 different plans:

StarterPak  BasicsPak RegularPak GourmetPak 
StarterPak BasicsPak RegularPak GourmetPak

If you're bored with the usual college student fare, fast food store menus, or you miss home cooked meals, you will be able to prepare delicious Italian cuisine in short order. In addition, preparing your own meals costs less than buying them and savings can be appreciable over the year. 

Last but not least you don't have to worry about your college social life being affected if you don't have all your meals at the dining halls. By joining on-campus cooking groups, your social and networking activities will not be sacrificed. Also meal planning with others can be a fun experience.


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