Parmesan "The King Of Cheeses"

 Imported Italian Cheeses: Asiago Vecchio - Grana Padano- Auricchio Provolone Piave Vecchio

 Piave Vecchio DOP - 1 lb. Wedge Item #: GFECHPV
Piave Vecchio 1lb wedge
 1Lb. Wedge Aged Piave

Authentic Piave Cheese made from Cow’s milk. Imported from Busche, in the province of Belluno, this Piave Vecchio red label is aged for more than 12 months. Enjoy this Italian cheese in delicious chunks or grate over polenta. An ideal cheese to pair with Northern Italian cuisine.

Each 1Lb. wedge will be cut and vacuum packed on the day of your order.

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Price: $17.85
  Piave Mezzano DOP - 1 lb. Wedge Item #: GFECHPM
Piave Mezzano - 1lb Wedge  OUT OF STOCK - ETA N/A

Produced in the province of Belluno, using the ancient technique of the dairy farmers of the Veneto region, this Piave Mezzano DOP has a compact, yellow straw colored curd and a strong flavor that increases in intensity with aging.

Price: $17.85    

 Grana Padano (1 lb. Wedge) Item #: GFECHGP
Grana Padano (1lb. Wedge) 
Grana Padano 1lb Wedge

Grana Padano is the most popular and most consumed Italian hard cheese.

Grana Padano, made from unpasteurized milk, is a pale yellow cheese with an intensely sweet flavor and an unique granular texture formed during maturation.


Price: $17.85
 Asiago Vecchio (1 lb. Wedge) Item #: GFECHA
Asiago Cheese: Asiago Vecchio Cheese Imported From Italy.
Asiago Vecchio (1lb. Wedge) 
Asiago Vecchio 1lb Wedge

Asiago Vecchio is a 12 month Italian cow's milk cheese, mild and pleasing to the palate.

Asiago Vecchio has a soft, delicate texture and has a light straw-like color.


Price: $17.00
 Auricchio Provolone (1 lb. Wedge) Item #: GFECHP
Provolone Auricchio (1lb. Wedge) 
Auricchio Provolone 1lb Wedge


Provolone is an Italian cheese made from cow's milk whose origins lie in Southern Italy.

Provolone is now produced mainly in the Po River Valley regions of Lombardia and Veneto.


Price: $16.95
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