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“Old Roast of Trieste”

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To guarantee an Italian espresso with truly exceptional characteristics in terms of body, crema and aroma, it is essential to create a classic blend of the finest available coffee beans. Our green coffees are selected from amongst the most prestigious in the world, coming predominantly from Africa and Central and South America.

Torrefaction Machine
Coffee Bean Roasting & Blending  
For centuries, coffee was roasted in wood-fired ovens. It was not until the last 100 years or so that other heat sources such as natural gas and electricity have taken over from wood, both of which have primarily been used to speed up the roasting process and reduce cost … not to enhance the final product. Fortunately, even with the advent of more modern heat sources, our roasters here at Antica Tostatura Triestina have steadfastly refused to abandon the time-honored, traditional, wood-fired roasting method.

This is one of the secrets of our tradition that makes our coffee blends so unique and unmistakable. Taking more time than during any other phase of the process, we do the blending only after the roasting, resulting in blends that are precise and homogenous. Every single blend is comprised of 7 or 8 different coffees carefully and proportionally mixed. This blending is done with extreme care and without compromise to always guarantee that our blends are of the highest quality, and are perfectly balanced in taste, body and fragrance.



Coffee Bean Packaging
All of our products are packaged in the highest quality, coffee specific materials that safeguard the contents from coffees three biggest enemies … air, light and humidity. Whole beans are nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed in 1kg bags with one-way valves to only allow gases to escape and not enter the bag. Tins are made from a fully recyclable steel, all pods are individually wrapped to ensure peak freshness upon use and capsules are 100% biodegradable.


Martha Stewart's "Must-Have" Espresso

Antica Espresso has been used by Martha Stewart on her show since its inception five years ago and is endorsed as one of her “must-have” products. Antica Espresso is also served in the restaurants of Mario Batali, David Bouley, Terrence Brennan and Todd English.

Our drive for quality is a constant and all-consuming passion, helping to maintain the key elements of what should make the experience of our truly Italian espresso coffee so special. It is with this in mind that we are now committed to growing the brand across the USA with partners who share our own values and commitment to quality, consistency, customer support, continued education and an unwavering attention to the small details

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