250 ml

COLAVITA Truffle Oil

8.5 Oz

Price: $12.95

  Infused olive oil
imported from Italy

Olive branch

Truffle Oil

Italian Truffle

Truffle flavored olive oil


Truffles bring olive oil to a higher level of culinary sophistication; Passionate gourmet food lovers will love this divine oil. This Truffle infused extra virgin olive oil opens the door to a whole new range of delicious variations for your salads, soups, and fish recipes.

Your imagination is the limit. Improvise, and give your dishes new sophisticated flavors!

Truffle oil is drizzled over delicate salads, pasta, risotto, carpaccio, omelet, and sea scallops. Try our Truffolio to enhance your sauces!

Storing Truffle Oil:

As most unrefined oils obtained from cold pressing methods, Colavita Truffle Oil will have a shelf life of 6 to 8 months if properly stored in a refrigerator.


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